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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: September 26, 2022

Vineyard Columbus stands in the center of orthodox Christian teaching and practice. At the same time, we have not included in our statement of faith much that can be legitimately debated by orthodox Christians. In other words, we do have boundaries, but our boundaries are broad and inclusive.

What that means is that at Vineyard Columbus, we have a broad and inclusive baptism & membership that is predicated on an individual's profession of faith in Christ through the power of the Spirit, by the grace of God, and their submission to the Lordship of Christ and orthodox faith. And as people in our congregation move closer into areas of leadership, there are several particular areas of theological alignment that are important so that we as a body of leaders in this church are operating out of unity, and with personal integrity.

We believe that clarity is kindness, so we want to be clear about some frequently asked about theological principles and pastoral practice.

There are all kinds of questions that folks who are new to Vineyard Columbus ask about a whole range of topics. We’ve included some of the most frequent questions here. If you have a question that you’d like answered, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us.

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