Confidential Report

Vineyard Columbus is committed to transparency and accountability. Let us know about any abuse, harassment, or misconduct concerns you may have by filling out the “Confidential Reporting” form below. You may choose to complete the form anonymously, though sharing your contact information will allow us to follow up with you as needed.

If you are a victim of a crime or witnessed a criminal act, we strongly advise that you report it to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Please note, Vineyard Columbus is one church made up of multiple campus locations across Central Ohio (see list of Vineyard Columbus campuses and locations) – we are also part of Vineyard USA. There are several churches in Central Ohio and beyond that have a similar name and are also a part of Vineyard USA, but are not directly related to Vineyard Columbus. If you have a complaint against one of these churches, click here.

Please direct any concerns regarding Vineyard Columbus specifically to us by filling out the ”Confidential Reporting” form below.