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Funeral Needs

If you are a member of Vineyard Columbus and in need of funeral and pastoral care services, please contact us or call 614.259.5372.

Guidelines for support from the funeral ministry.

Services are offered to members and their immediate family (spouse or children). Services for members extended family (parents, brothers…) with no other church affiliation, will be considered on an individual basis.

Services are not available to individuals who consider Vineyard Columbus their church home but have no relationships or documentation to support their involvement.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to speak with someone about funeral support, please call the funeral ministry line at 614.259.5372. We will do our best to call you back within a short amount of time.

What kind of support do you offer at Vineyard Columbus?

Vineyard Columbus does not provide financial support for funeral or memorial related expenses. We will always pray for anyone who calls. If you do not meet the criteria for funeral support but would like prayer, please call the church office at 614.890.0000 and press 0 to reach the receptionist during regular business hours (8:30am–5pm, M-F).

Once you have been approved we will support you by:

Hosting a funeral or memorial service for your loved one at the church. If possible the service will be held in our chapel.

There will be a consultation with the funeral ministry representative, pastor and any family or friends you would like to help with the decision making for the service. We will assist in designing a program that will include the order of service. Below are some things to remember to bring for your consultation:

  • A picture of your loved one for the program (it can be returned to you after we have scanned it).
  • Any poems, reflections or scriptures you would like to include as part of the service or have in the programs.
  • Songs that you would like to have as a part of your service.
  • Any memories or stories you would like to share about your loves one.

A Vineyard Columbus Pastor will officiate and give the message for all services held at the church. If you do not have relationship with any of our pastors, we will appoint a pastor from our staff.

Can you recommend some area funeral homes?

Yes. There are some companies we have served with and can recommend. We have provided the names and web links here. Pricing, locations, etc. are available on their sites.

Newcomer -
Schoedinger -
Shaw Davis -

My loved one was poor and my funds are very limited. Can you help provide us with some possible financial funeral or memorial resources?

Most funeral homes can help process paperwork with their county and Social Security for cremation in cases where your loved meet the financial need requirements. There may be a fee for processing paperwork.

JOIN (Catholic Social Services) will assist low-income families with burial assistance if under 175 percent of the poverty level ($18,953 annually for a single person). Please call 614.241.2531. Intake is processed by phone.

The Columbus Department of Public Safety (614.645.8366) has limited assistance to indigent families for burial assistance up to $750.00. You have to be a Columbus resident. The funeral home has to complete the application, submit a copy of the death certificate and an itemized list of costs. This can take up to two weeks to process.

Is there help for newborns or young children that have died?

Schoedinger’s, Newcomer and several other Funeral Homes in the area offer programs for children up to 5 years of age that have died. Please call your preferred funeral home for more information.