A couple on their wedding day in the back of a car

Getting Married at VC

Congratulations to you! May you walk in God's peace as you plan your special day!

In order to begin the venue and officiant request process, please complete the Chapel Request Form and the Offsite Wedding Officiant Request Form. A representative from our Marriage & Family ministry will contact you soon. Please note that these are REQUEST forms. Submitting them does NOT guarantee the date or the officiant you request will be available. Completion of the forms simply begins the request process. We are honored that you desire to be married at Vineyard Columbus and look forward to coming along side you as you plan and prepare!

Marriage Preparation

Our premarital process is designed to help engaged couples build Christ-centered marriages. We value a foundation that includes the following:

  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Commitment to membership at Vineyard Columbus or couple’s home church
  • At least a one year dating relationship
  • Living in accordance with Scriptural principles (maintaining sexual purity; participating in community life, such as a small group; growing in the knowledge of God and his plan for healthy relationships and family life)

There is no shortcut to building intimacy, trust and communication. Because it does take time to plan a wedding and prepare for marriage, we ask that:

  • you contact us for an initial appointment as soon as possible (at least a 5-6 month time frame to complete the full premarital program),
  • both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be must fill out and submit the Premarital Information Form separately.