Leadership Foundations

Section 3

Leadership Convictions

In these videos, Eric and Julia discuss leadership convictions for leaders at Vineyard Columbus. They define primary and secondary convictions. Primary convictions are considered essential and are the core definition of Christianity (what Christians have often referred to as “orthodoxy”). Secondary convictions are also important, but it is helpful to isolate them from primary convictions to acknowledge that Christians have and still may disagree on some of these convictions. However, leadership at Vineyard Columbus means working to align on five areas of conviction that Vineyard Columbus prayerfully and thoughtfully holds.

3.1 - Leadership Convictions | 4:01

3.2 - Kingdom Multi-ethnicity | 8:10

3.3 - Women In Ministry | 5:17

3.4 - Gender and Sex | 10:15

3.5 - The Ministry and Gifts of the Spirit | 8:29

3.6 - A Consistent Ethic of Life | 7:20

3.7 - Integrity As A Leader | 5:25

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