Leadership Foundations

Section 2

Leadership Distinctives

Christians are unfortunately often thought of as being distinct for the wrong reasons – reasons that couldn’t possibly be thought of as the good news of God’s kingdom. However, as leaders at Vineyard Columbus, our lives should be increasingly marked by being distinct in ways that announce the good news of God’s kingdom. In these videos, Julia and Eric talk about what it looks like when a Christian leader is distinct in the right ways. Far from being weird or offensive for the sake of it, following Jesus’ life and teachings will help us as leaders to offer God’s hope and healing wherever we go.

2.1 - Leadership Distinctives | 3:49

2.2 - Spiritual Maturity | 4:18

2.3 - Generosity | 5:38

2.4 - The Way We Treat Each Other | 7:25

2.5 - How We Deal With Temptation | 5:20

2.6 - How We Honor Christ and the reputation of the Church to a Watching World | 5:03

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