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Church Planting
Church Planting
The Church Planting Residency Program was created to help us accomplish the church planting focus of our mission.

The Church Planting Residency Program is a year-long, intensive leadership development, spiritual growth, theological training, and ministry skill development experience at Vineyard Columbus. As a Resident, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself as a leader, expand your theological education, deepen your Vineyard values, and sharpen your church planting skills and plan for the launch of your new church. The details of the Church Planting Residency Program can be found below.

Church Planting Residency Program Details

The Program is a one-year intensive, experiential learning school with a focus on giving you hands-on practical experience within a healthy, reproducing church while teaching you the core ministry tools and theological foundation necessary for a fruitful ministry as a church planter. In order to maximize the relational learning element, we only accept 10 people into the program each year!

The year is broken down into four seasons of development that will focus on different critical themes and aspects of personal discipleship and ministry leadership.

Season 1: Formation of the Inner Life / Spiritual Formation

The experience starts off by helping you enter your inner world to address and master the critical areas of creating a healthy spiritual life, experiencing emotional health and freedom and embracing healthy singleness or fostering a vibrant marriage. This is a time of intense soul-searching, discovering a deeper relationship with Jesus and forming disciplines for leading out of a place of wholeness and connection.

Season 2: Discovering Vision & Values

Out of the season of healing, discovery and connection with Jesus, you will emerge with a seminal sense of your personal call to ministry and an overarching vision for your life. To help further formulate this, you will capture the Vineyard Genetic Code, Values and Philosophy of ministry through intense study and experience.

Season 3: Reaching, Connecting & Building People / Discipleship

Emerging from the cocoon of inner-life transformation, vision discovery and capturing the Vineyard Kingdom context, you will now begin to discover some of the practices of ministry. You will learn and experience how to gather people, teach them to be students of Jesus, and communicate to God’s empowering Word to his people.

Season 4: Doing Church / Leadership Implementation

Having experienced some of the mechanics of working with people, you will now gain experience and wisdom related to actually running a healthy church. Starting with broader topics like understanding how to reach the culture of their world and city to more practical topics like managing finances, week to week planning and leading effectively, you will acquire the nuts and bolts of how to effectively pastor this thing that we call church.

The Residents of the Program meet together one weekend each month for the intensive learning weekend with our teachers. We start each intensive with Rich Nathan for preaching and leadership mentoring. This mentoring session is followed by one teaching session on Friday night and an all-day teaching session on Saturday. On Sunday morning, you will be visiting and serving at one of our campuses or at another Vineyard church in town. We conclude the weekend with a debriefing time and ministry time where we get to pray for one another. In addition to these monthly intensive learning weekends, you will also be starting up a new small group, doing outreaches, writing up your 2-year church planting plan, as well as reading about 25 books. All of this has been put in place to give you the very best chance of planting a thriving Vineyard church!

How to apply for the Church Planting Residency Program

First, to be considered for acceptance into the Church Planting Residency Program, you need to familiarize yourself with Vineyard Columbus’ planting process. Check out the Our Process document to learn more.

As that document suggests, you will need to:

1) Be familiar with Vineyard Columbus
2) Read Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?
3) Take the Online Church Planter Candidate Assessment
4) Schedule an informal interview with a pastor from the Extension Team.
5) Complete the Church Planter Application.

***All application materials must be submitted by July 1st of each year. A new Residency Program cohort will begin each year on the 3rd Friday in September.

Our Teachers

Our teaching staff is comprised of pastors from our church as well as other pastors from the Vineyard movement. All of them are experienced leaders who have a deep passion to see thriving Vineyard churches planted all over the world!
  • Rich Nathan (Senior Pastor of Vineyard Columbus)
  • Michael Gatlin (National Director of Church Planting of Vineyard USA)
  • Jay Pathak (Senior Pastor of Mile High Vineyard)
  • Steve Nicholson (Senior Pastor of Evanston Vineyard)
  • David Parker (Senior Pastor of Desert Vineyard)
  • Jeff Cannell (Senior Pastor of Central Vineyard)
  • Tom Pauquette (Senior Pastor of Grove City Vineyard)
  • Linda Reiter (Senior Pastor of Vineyard Church of Reynoldsburg)
  • Robb Morgan (Senior Pastor of Delaware City Vineyard)
  • Melanie and Simon Forsythe (Senior Pastors of Life Church)
  • Craig Heselton (Executive Pastor of Vineyard Columbus)
  • Bill Christensen (Associate Pastor of Vineyard Columbus)
  • Andy Saperstein (Small Groups Pastor at Vineyard Columbus)
  • Linda Heselton (Pastor of Children’s Ministry at Vineyard Columbus)
  • Ron Hitchcock (Pastor of Marriage and Family at Vineyard Columbus)
  • Stephen Van Dop (Church Extension Pastor of Vineyard Columbus)
  • Insoo Kim (Ministry Strategies Pastor of Vineyard Columbus)
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