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Church Planting
Church Planting

Our Process

Interested in church planting with Vineyard Columbus? Here’s a quick summary of Our Process.

First steps:

  1. Get to know Vineyard Columbus.
  2. Read Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?
  3. Take the Online Church Planter Candidate Assessment ($29)
  4. Schedule an informal interview with a pastor from the Extension Team. 
  5. Complete the Church Planter Application.
The church planting process at Vineyard Columbus works hand-in-hand with the four step process that our National Church Planting Team has developed. We have intentionally created various points of overlap with the wider Vineyard Movement to reduce more steps.

Michael Gatlin, Vineyard USA’s National Church Planting Director, and his team have worked to simplify the process for churches and church planters into four easy steps:
  1. Get to Know Us
  2. Let Us Get to Know You
  3. Get Some Training
  4. Get Out There and Plant
With the National planting process in mind, if you are interested in church planting with Vineyard Columbus, here are your first steps:

First, you need to Get To Know Us.

You need to know the Vineyard Columbus DNA and participate in the life of our church community. Our values, mission, and priorities can be taught, but we believe these basic elements of our church life are better caught than taught.

We invite you to “Connect” with Vineyard Columbus, discover ways to “Grow” in your walk with Christ, and identify all sorts of ways to “Serve & Lead.” CLICK HERE to find out how to get connected here at Vineyard Columbus.

Second, Let Us Get To Know You.

To help you discern how and where God might be calling you to church plant, we need to get to know you a bit better. We want to help you determine the best fit for your calling, your family, your personality, and your gifting. We want to get to know you better so that we can help point you in the right direction!

Before we sit down with you, there are two things we’d like you to do.

1. You need to read and pray through the brief article located on the National Church Planting website: Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?

Take time to seriously consider these questions. Do these qualities sound like you? Begin to ask God how he might be shaping your life and your ministry.

2. We ask that you to take the Online Church Planter Candidate Assessment.

This online assessment instrument will cost you $29. It will help you and us identify areas of strength and other areas that will need to be developed. You will get the results right away. A copy of your results will also be sent to the National Church Planting Team and to Vineyard Columbus.

After you have taken the Online Church Planter Assessment, and you still feel like church planting is for you, we’d love to get together with you to talk in more detail. So, please, give us a call so that we can schedule an informal, face-to-face meeting with you to talk more about church planting.

Third, Get Some Training

During this informal meeting, we will discuss the twelve basic characteristics necessary for a church planter and pray together. Based on this conversation, we will make recommendations about which church planting training track might most benefit and be a good next step for you.

If you want to get out there and plant with Vineyard Columbus, these are the initial steps.

Once we have had an informal meeting, you will be ready to complete the Church Planter Application. The application will allow us to get some additional information about who you are and what kind of church you want to plant. Completing the application will also be another way to get you on the radar of the Vineyard USA National Church Planting Team.
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