Head of Staff

Columbus, OH | Full-Time Exempt
We are excited to expand our team with a newly created Head of Staff position that serves our Senior Pastors and our staff as they serve Vineyard Columbus. This role is a bridge between the Senior Pastors and the staff—between vision and strategy, between idea and implementation. The Head of Staff is responsible for carrying out the vision and mission of VC through our staff, who is responsible to carry it out through our congregation. The four non-delegable responsibilities of this role are strategy, execution, leading the leadership team and training staff culture.

We will be accepting and reviewing applications through November 1 and will begin interviews shortly after. Depending on the applicant pool at that time, we may choose to re-post the role and extend the interview period. Our desire is to have someone in this role by January 2024.

Our church:

Vineyard Columbus’ mission as a church is to develop multi-ethnic communities of disciples who experience God, love one another, and partner with Christ to heal the world. Vineyard Columbus has around 7,000 active members from over 130 nations, is committed to being a great friend to our city and is in constant pursuit of building multiethnic communities that model Christlike unity in the midst of also celebrating diversity in both our campus congregations as well as on our staff. 

Aside from regular weekend services at our six campuses across Central Ohio, our Westerville Campus is also home to our Vineyard Community Center that offers an Early Childhood Center, After-School and Summer Programs, Middle and High School Life Readiness, Sports and Exercise Programs, free Health Clinics, a free Legal Clinic, Immigration Counseling Services, ESL classes and more. 


Our staff:

Vineyard Columbus is a staff-led church, with a system of accountability for senior leadership through a church council. Our senior pastors, Eric and Julia Pickerill, lead with a Coordinating Team that consists of staff pastors and directors.

Our staff is made up of over 180 employees (around 55% full-time) from all different ages and backgrounds and on any given day you’ll find them serving in our Mobile Food Pantry, running payroll, caring for or securing our buildings, coordinating discipleship events, in a weekly tactical meeting, teaching in a classroom, meeting with and training volunteers, preparing for the coming weekend service across one of our six campuses across Central Ohio, or engaged in a number of other ways they each serve to carry out the mission of Vineyard Columbus.

Who you are:

If you are in this role: You are spiritually mature, Biblically grounded, and a credible leader of leaders. You are called into being “second” vs being “first in command”. You feel alive when you are moving people into action through teams and the ministry at large scale. When people leave a meeting with you, they think: “I get the vision, I feel empowered, I'm clear about my part, I know how to lead my team toward success, and what I’m accountable for.” You see the big picture and love making the parts work together. You know how to build culture that is vibrant, professional and fun to be a part of.

These descriptions resonate with your temperament and skill set: Implementer. Over-communicator. Fast paced and highly responsive. Clears obstacles. Creates team atmosphere where there is synergy and sacrifice for the sake of the whole. Decisive and gives clear direction. Able to see the forest through the trees. Knows what to do today because you understand where we are going tomorrow.  

At the same time, you’re a grounded leader: Experienced by others as Biblically informed, wise, temperate and measured. Unbiased and fair. Prudently assesses resources and determines wisest course of action. One who leads with integrity, ensuring the means and the ends are in harmony. A leader who seeks the input of others and integrates wise counsel. A leader who guides staff into wisdom.

Cultural intelligence and an active commitment to Kingdom-oriented diversity are an absolute must for this new team member. The leadership team at Vineyard Columbus is passionate about racial reconciliation, cultural diversity and social engagement. Vineyard Columbus is intentional about creating a safe place for all people to find and follow Jesus.

What you'll do:

Translate Vision into strategy

  • Work with the Senior Pastors to accomplish a vision of new campuses, new leaders, new mission, and new buildings
  • Develop a growth strategy that leverages existing resources and prepares for future expansion
  • Work with Senior Pastors to ensure the vision is clear and translatable  
  • Own and cast ministry vision to staff through staff leaders
  • Seek proactive strategic input from Senior Pastors at key ministry project/process intervals to assure alignment
  • Initiate, integrate, and implement new Senior Pastor initiatives
  • Ensure senior leadership team members are reviewing and revising central strategies annually  
  • Drive key vital signs and central strategies


  • Responsible for strategic planning and staff coordination in the execution of the church’s mission and vision across all campuses
  • Bring definition to RACI for teams and projects (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed)  
  • Establish teams and meetings to move the mission of the church and ministry plans forward
  • Drive ministry vision forward through strategic planning, clear communication, and accountability for execution
  • Ensure that our resources (budget and personnel) are in alignment with our mission and priorities
  • Key leadership on Workforce Planning Team to ensure appropriate staffing levels across teams to accomplish mission
  • Remove barriers and create a “can do” mindset around key initiatives and central strategies  
  • Take lead in addressing and averting crises
  • Coordinate crisis communications management with Senior Pastors and appropriate team leaders

Lead the senior leadership team

  • Work with Senior Pastors and senior leadership team to determine team priorities  
  • Integrate Senior Pastors presence and input at appropriate points
  • Direct leadership of Executive Team and Directional Team spaces (weekly, quarterly, annually)
  • Direct supervision of Executive Team members and Human Resources  
  • Focus the team on common goals and collaboration
  • Lead with hope and confront cynicism  
  • Ensure that team leaders are stewarding their teams and resources faithfully
  • Proactively identify areas of execution that need to be fixed  
  • Hold leaders, pastors and teams accountable to their roles and goals through systems of feedback and review
  • Work with communications to ensure effective communication to our staff and our church

Train, develop and coach the culture

  • Raise the standard for Christlike leadership and continually orient our staff to our key principles  
  • Model our principles for the senior leadership team in all settings
  • Coach our teams and staff in mindset and skills required to fulfill our vision and become a church of campuses
  • Continually refocus our teams around the fulfillment of our mission

What you bring:

  • BS, BA in Organizational Leadership or related field preferred, or a combination of education and experience
  • 7+ years of organizational leadership experience, preferably at a large scale
  • Demonstrated ability to develop effective relationships across all levels of an organization and proven ability to give wise counsel to senior leaders
  • Experience working cross-functionally, managing multiple stakeholders to achieve common goals  
  • Strong oral and written communication and presentation skills  
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and experience leading in a multi-ethnic organization
  • Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office suite  
  • Demonstrated ability to be a leader of leaders
  • Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner with others
  • Ability to gather and analyze information skillfully  
  • Satisfactory background check and excellent references required

We offer:

Vineyard Columbus values hard work, sustainable rhythms, and the pursuit of healthy and well-balanced lives. Our staff are supported in their ministry by a great team environment and generous benefits. Benefits for the Head of Staff include:

  • Low-cost medical, dental, vision and insurance available, including an HSA plan with employer contributions
  • Paid time off for personal, sick, and parental leave
  • Equivalent of 13 days off per calendar year for holidays and staff refresh days
  • Annual Spiritual Direction and Professional Counseling benefit
  • Quarterly oil changes
  • Gym membership or equivalent equipment subsidy
  • Tuition Reimbursement and Professional development benefits
  • Life insurance, short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Vineyard Columbus Bookstore discounts
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan with employer match after two years of service