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BIG Small Group
BIG Small Group
Jun 28, 2023
Aug 2, 2023
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
No Meeting 7/5

BIG Small Group is designed to help people connect with others and grow in their relationship with God. Each week we meet as a larger community to hear thoughtful teaching, then break into smaller groups. In those groups we get to know each other, have honest discussions about a topic, and pray for each other. BIG Small Group is the place to find your people and connect with God. Join us as we explore questions like: What is the Christian framework for flourishing relationships? How do we think Biblically about relationships? And, how do we build relationships out of our identity in Christ? Discover and learn about how God wants us to build healthy relationships in our communities, friendships, marriages and our family circle.

Childcare is provided.

Westerville Campus
6000 Cooper Rd Westerville United States
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