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What if you started from scratch and examined who Jesus really is?

Let’s push past all the clichés. We need to clear away all the baggage that comes with religion.

Whether you think he's a myth, a historical person, or the Son of God…chances are, there are things about Jesus that you don’t know. We’d like you to join us for our upcoming, church-wide campaign as we explore through a series of 6 weekly sermons and Bible studies, the person whose life completely changed the course of history—the Real Jesus

The Real Jesus

A campaign encompassing our weekend adult & youth services, specialized small group curriculum and relevant service opportunities. The weekly topics are:
Week 1: Feb 17/18 – The Historical Jesus
This week will focus on Jesus as a person, not a religion. For many Christians and for many non-church goers, seemingly good things—like Christian ethics or philosophy—have cluttered the true picture and have in some cases been a tragic barrier to the real Jesus.
Week 2: Feb 24/25 – The Teacher
As we look at the real Jesus of history, we’ll consider how the first people who encountered him saw him—as a teacher. Some teachers inspire, or anger. Good teachers change how a person thinks and this is a great posture to start in when we think about the real Jesus.
Week 3: Mar 3/4 – The Healer
During the third week we’ll look at the simplicity with which the real Jesus lived his life including how he healed people without formulas and pageantry. He came alongside the sick and ushered in the miraculous—and he still does to this day.
Week 4: Mar 10/11 – The Revolutionary
Jesus was not meek and mild like he’s often pictured. He is a counter-cultural change agent that altered his society’s views on who mattered and how leadership should work. This week we’ll see the real Jesus is a revolutionary and he revolutionized who gets access to God.
Week 5: Mar 17/18 – The Suffering Servant
With Jesus' influence and popularity, one would expect his goal would be president or a general. Instead, Jesus describes his ministry as one of service and sacrificial ransom. This begs us to consider a universally important question—who is this Jesus and what was his purpose in coming?
Week 6: Mar 24/25 – The King
In the United States, we have no real connection with the concept of a King. We imagine a person wearing a funny crown sitting on an oversized chair or an ancient figurehead with no real power. This week, we’ll explore exactly what kind of king Jesus is and why it matters.


Give & Go: Service Opportunities

Jesus was a revolutionary in the way he cared for those in need and people on the margins of society. Leading by example, he gave of his time and possessions, showing mercy to all in need. Jesus demonstrated that love involves actions not just feelings. He challenged his followers to not only give but go.

This year for our campaign service projects, we want to model Jesus’ servant heart by caring for people in need. Two of the ways we can serve are by providing for practical needs by donating items to the Transitions Ministry, serving those moving from homelessness to housing or by serving at one of the City of Columbus schools we support by helping with hands on projects at their locations. Below you’ll find service opportunities to give and go as an individual, family and/or small group.



The Real Jesus Logo

Most Middle and High School students have heard of Jesus by now, but many are living with distorted views about who He actually is and what it means to follow him. Whether it’s because Jesus has been misrepresented in pop-culture or by those who call themselves Christians, or maybe even because they’ve grown up in church and feel like they’ve heard it all before.

But Jesus is inviting students into so much more than just knowing about him. He’s inviting them into a life-changing relationship with Him. Christianity isn’t primarily about following all of the rules and hoping you make it into heaven. It’s about following the real Jesus, the radical who’s love challenged people to leave the safety of what they’ve always known and to encounter adventure beyond what they could have ever imagine! During the all-church campaign, VC students will encounter the one man who changed the course of human history. The curriculum will follow along with the adult curriculum, presenting a unique opportunity to foster rich conversation as a family about the real Jesus.

For more information about joining a youth group contact:



VineyardKids is excited to share Jesus with our children throughout this 6 week all church campaign. Your children will learn that Jesus is a Real Person through the Bible stories. They will learn about the teacher, the healer and the suffering servant who loves them. We will teach them how they can follow him, listen to him, ask him for help, make things right because of him, serve others like him, and worship him! In other words, your children will hear the good news!!

"So go and make followers of all people in the world. Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach them to obey everything that I have told you to do." Matthew 28:19-20a

Their age-appropriate curriculum will follow the same path as the adult sermons and small-group lessons to give you amazing opportunities for family discussions. We encourage you to let your kids experience this exciting campaign here with Vineyard Kids. There will be a family devotional intended to prepare the young ones’ heart for Easter. Beginning February 17, 2018 you can pick it up at the Vineyard Kids information counters at each campus.

Feeding the 5000

For the VineyardKids Service project this year, we will ‘Feed the 5000’ by collecting and donating canned fruits and vegetables to support and stock our local food pantries. Our goal is to collect 5000 cans of food to give away to feed the poor! Would you please help us reach this goal by filling a bag with items mentioned below? We have bags in the VineyardKids ministry areas to give you or you can just fill up any grocery bag.

You can bring it into the VineyardKids ministry area at any of the campus locations throughout the campaign, February 16–April 1, 2018. Download Kids Service Project Card

Here are the canned goods we are looking to collect:

  • Beef Stew
  • Chunky Soups
  • Single Serve Meals
  • Spaghetti/Ravioli
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

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