Need Help?

Life brings challenges and obstacles, but with God there's always hope and we are here to help.


Addiction Recovery

Feeling stuck in an addiction or destructive behavior? You don't have to stay that way. Help and hope are available. Reach out today.


If you are struggling with emotional, relational, and/or spiritual issues, our professional counseling center and team of volunteer lay counselors are here to help you.

Marriage Crisis

Struggling or in a crisis in your marriage? We have resources available for you and your spouse.


Our team of parent coaches come alongside to encourage and help you with parenting.

Special Needs

Removing as many barriers for people with disabilities as possible. God's kingdom is for everyone.

Visitation Care Team

We want to come alongside our church and their families who are hospitalized, in long-term care or are homebound.  


Support Groups

You are not alone in your current struggle or season. Finding others who are going through similar challenges can provide help and support. Join a support group today.

Crisis Pregnancy

Someone to talk to and walk with you every step of the way. We are here to provide resources for a healthy mom and baby. 

Marriage Preparation

Our pre-marital process helps engaged couples build loving, Christ-centered marriages.  We help you invest in your marriage before it starts. 

Healing Prayer

Learn about ways to receive physical or emotional healing prayer.  With God all things are possible. 


No matter what you're struggling with, hurting yourself isn't the answer. There is always hope. 


English Langauge

We welcome people from all cultures and backgrounds. Check out our English Language classes.


Learn about our two food pantries and array of services to help people in need of food assistance.


Make sense of your finances with our classes, counseling and more. Start moving your life toward financial freedom today.


View the Guidelines for Funeral Services at Vineyard Columbus

Find our about our funeral or pastoral care services.  We want to walk with your family through the difficult journey of loss.  

Immigration Counseling

Learn about how to navigate the complexities of the legal system and what options are available to you. Completely confidential.

Medical Care

Learn more about our free medical, chiropractic, dental and vision care.  We want you to experience God's love in ways that you can feel. 

Employment Assistance

Facing job troubles or unemployment?  We want to help you build a resume, find good job opportunities, and prepare for that important interview.