Value Life

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Our Value Life Ministry is empowering women with real choices. We want to be a safe haven for women considering abortion and those facing unintended pregnancies. We provide women physical and emotional care, material resources, mentoring, real choices and hope for them and their unborn children.

For more information about Value Life Ministry, contact Diane Bauman or 614.259.5318. You can also connect with us on Facebook.


MotherHeart Mentoring
If you know someone who is experiencing a difficult or unintended pregnancy, we offer a one-on-one mentoring ministry called MotherHeart Mentoring. We assist moms in finding the resources, care and guidance they need to carry their baby full term.

We offer the following support groups for women:

HEART, a closed confidential support group for women who have experienced the pain of an abortion in the past.  This group assists women in a journey of healing from that pain and accepting the forgiveness that Christ gives, no matter what sin we have experienced in our life. Many women have experienced profound healing and forgiveness during the process. Please click here for more information and to connect with someone.

Journey of Hope,  a support group for women who have chosen to make an adoption plan and place their baby with an adoptive family.  This group provides a place for sharing and caring for one another in a confidential environment. 

Empty Arms,  a support group for women who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage,  stillborn or early infant death.  This group provides a private setting where women can share and find healing from the pain of their loss.