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Financial Ministry
Financial Ministry

Financial Ministry Brochure

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching sessions with a trained financial coach are available to give direction to members or regular attendees, whether you are in crisis, struggling, wanting less financial stress, or just wanting to have Godly financial management. One-on-one coaching provides you an opportunity to receive personal and confidential guidance. Sessions are with a trained coach in a grace-filled environment. To learn more and request an appointment, please submit the following three documents and email them to us: 
Coaching Questionnaire
Cash Flow
Financial Data Sheets

Career Help

Vineyard Columbus Financial Ministry provides a holistic approach to helping people financially. One area of need for people is in the area of employment. For more information about career resources and opportunities, go to The Vineyard Career Ministry.

Estate Planning

Putting one’s house in order, and special gifts are a vital part of Christian stewardship. Discover opportunities to forward the Lord’s work at Vineyard Columbus by contacting Kent Irwin.

Financial Books

The Vineyard Bookstore has an excellent selection of financial books, both practical and Biblical, covering a wide range of topics including budgeting, giving, stewardship and how to minimize debt. We've compiled a list of books we love to help you expand your knowledge and help you be an excellent steward.

Budget/Spending Plan/Debt Snowball

Developing and following a spending plan will help you reduce debt, tithe properly, and save for emergencies and long-term goals. We've created some Excel spread sheets that will first help you understand how your income compares to your expenses, so that you can design a monthly spending plan.

Once your have created your spending plan, the next crucial part is to keep track of your expenses every day and month. The spread sheet with the tracker will automatically tally all of your expenses so that you can see if you are over or under-budget, where you might need to make adjustments, and how much money you can spend for a particular category for the balance of the month - be sure to commit to daily entry of expenses.

For those that have debt, and want to become debt-free, the next essential aspect of budgeting is to lower expenses, and make additional payments until all debt is re-paid. Being free of credit card balances, student loans, car loans and other consumer loans is vital to spiritual and financial health. The budget spread sheets are set up to help you do this, by completing the ‘proposed’ expenses for your budget, and the debt snowball method of debt repayment.

The following spread sheets are provided, if you have difficulty downloading them contact Kent Irwin and he will email them directly to you.

Comprehensive: helps you build a Budget, Track Monthly Expenses, Rapidly Re-pay Debt, and Personal Balance Sheet: All-in-one integrated program, must have Excel 2007 or later. This file has macros that you must enable when you open it, so that it works correctly.

Simple: help for Building a Budget and Personal Balance Sheet: This can be used by all versions of Excel

Debt Snowball: calculates only a rapid debt reduction plan: This can be used by all versions of Excel

Paper and Pencil Sheets (Word) (PDF): for designing a budget, listing assets and debt.

30 Day Expense Diary: form for tracking spending

Mint Designer: Excel for spreadsheets has been designed for you to design a balanced spending plan. Secondly, it is laid out to mirror the spending tracker system. By first working with this spreadsheet you will be better equipped to get the most of out


We have assembled various informational pieces to help those we engage in counseling and educational events:

Financial Ministry Blog

We post various articles about the Bible and money, personal finances, news and developments, as well as answer questions that you might have about money at
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