Celebrating God's Goodness

Tom Rees

Weekend Service Director

I have been a member of Vineyard Columbus since 2001 and have also served a small group leader with my wife, Lorie.  Though my title is a bit of a mouthful, I'm responsible for overseeing content development and production for weekend services here at Vineyard Columbus.  I also handle press releases and serve as the media contact when necessary.

Before being called to join the staff in 2010, I provided marketing and communications support for large corporations, and to law firms and their clients.  Additionally, I hold a Master's degree in Marketing and Communications and a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications.

In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading books about religion, philosophy, and political science.  Really.  I'm also one of those "crazy people" you might see running on a cold winter day.  I do prefer warm days however. - Trees

Christy Gammon


I have been a member of Vineyard Columbus since 2001, having the privilege to serve in VineyardKids, Value Life, Marriage & Family, More4Orphans, Women’s, International and Mercy ministries. Through participation in the Celebration Blog, witnessing and celebrating God’s goodness is now a vocation in addition to a personal testimony.

My professional writing background includes more than 10 years in public relations practice and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Psychology from Bethany College.

Currently, I am a licensed Realtor and small business owner, small group leader and VLI student. I live in Worthington with my husband and family. - CG 

Tom Rees
Communications Manager