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Serve Columbus 2014 - photos

Posted on June 16, 2014 by Tom Rees

On Saturday, April 12th, 2014, we sent nearly 1,700 volunteers across Columbus to help serve our city. In fact, we call this event, Serve Columbus.

“One of the things we try to do at Vineyard Columbus, is to be the best friend the city ever had,” says Kwesi Kambon, pastor of Men’s Ministry and Community Engagement.


“The Vineyard took on seven different neighborhoods and worked on what we call, a major corridor clean up,” according to Sherri Palmer of Keep Columbus Beautiful. “Coming out and cleaning up on streets that are major avenues into these neighborhoods was a big effort.” Robert Seed, also of Keep Columbus Beautiful is quick to add, “I know the people in those neighborhoods appreciate it. They saw your witness. We value a clean neighborhood and I know they do too.”

Another big component of Serve Columbus is coordinating with other organizations in our neighborhoods. “We had a community health fair at Columbus Collegiate Academy and at Rock of Faith Baptist Church, we established the very first community garden,” says Norman Brown of J. Jireh Ministries.

More importantly however than how many volunteers we had or how many gallons of paint we used, is the impact on our community. “What happened that day is that they made our campus beautiful, which said, ‘Welcome children. We want you here at Alpine, we think a lot of you here at Alpine,’” effuses Deborah Copeland of Alpine Elementary School.

When the cleanup is finished, the trash is collected, and the painting is completed, it’s important to remember what this event is about. Norman Brown sums it up perfectly, “It was an awesome experience to see black and white, young and old, come together as the body of Christ and we were able to work together in the unity of faith to show God’s glory to our community.”