Celebrating God's Goodness

Celebrating God's Goodness was created by Vineyard Columbus for the purpose of sharing how God is using his people. Sometime back, we realized there were many great things God was doing both in and through Vineyard Columbus but unfortunately, we weren't celebrating and sharing those stories with each other.

So here we are!

Our mission is to develop a community of disciples who experience God, love one another, and partner with Christ to heal the world.

Much of what you'll read and see is about what we feel called to do as a church.

Maybe you've seen some of these stories during weekend services or have watched them online. Perhaps somebody sent you a link and said, "I thought you might enjoy this." However you came to learn of these stories, it is my hope that you too will get a sense of God's goodness and how he's using his people for his glory.

Tom Rees